Whenever you audition for any group, think of it as “my 5 minutes to shine”. Put your best abilities forward and show the Director and, in our case, manager’s committee, what you can do.  

This is what we will listen for:

Intonation Time Phrasing (swing) Tone (sound) Affect (does your blues, sound like a blues or a reading of a piece by Bach) Technical Accuracy Rhythmic Accuracy Range for Brass Players Knowledge of Style Patterns for Drummers (See below) Basic ability to read changes for Bass


What to prepare:

  • Your Audition Piece: Prepare a 2-3 minute jazz piece that best displays your personal ability, and also displays your capacity to play in a section.
  • You can choose to play one of you past jazz ensemble pieces, a solo transcription or an etude from a book like Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero. The Charlie Parker Omnibook is also a great resource.
  • Improvisation: The Art of Improvisation is basic to the Jazz Language. YOU DO NOT have to improvise to win a seat in one of our bands, however, those who do improvise, no matter how basic, will be given preferred consideration.
  • For drummers: Latin Drumming Patterns-pg 1 and Latin Drumming Patterns-pg 2 Here are 2 pages from our friend, and associate, Joseph Bonville’s book “Proper Fundamentals for Snare Drum and Drum Set”. These patterns are used in most of the music performed in The RPI Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra. The patterns are meant to be a primer for any set drummer who is interested in expanding their knowledge and applying latin drumming to their skill set. As always, further research is suggested.
  Seat vacancies as of 8/1/14 RJO-Mondays at 7PM         (The Concert Jazz Orchestra) 1 Piano (understudy) 1 Bass (understudy) 1 Drums (shared seat) 2 Trumpets 1 Trombone CJE-Tuesdays at 5PM         (Funk/Fusion Jazz Ensemble) 1 Alto Sax 1 Tenor Sax 2 Baritone Saxes 1 Trumpet 3 Trombones ACJO-Thursdays at 9PM    (Afro Cuban) 1 Tenor Sax 1 Baritone Sax 2 Trumpets 2 Congas/Bongos/Bell 1 Drum Set/Timbales understudy Totals Needed 1 Alto Sax 2 Tenor Saxes 3 Baritone Saxes 5 Trumpets 4 Trombones 2 Congas/Bongos/Bell 1 Drum Set/Timbales understudy 18 players-Total   FAQs: All of our Jazz Bands try to maintain the 5,4,5 and 5 format with 1 player per part. Rehearsal attendance is mandatory! Auditions are 7PM on the 1st day of classes in the J Building-People’s Avenue on the bottom floor. Our program maintains a goal of 5 concerts per semester. We also provide opportunities for featured instrumental soloists, singers and spoken word artists